Registrations For The Research Summer School 2022 At Wiesbaden Business School Are Now Open

Registrations for the Research Summer School 2022 at Wiesbaden Business School are now Open

This summer be part of something big!

The Research Summer School 2022 at Wiesbaden Business School from July 17-24, 2022, in Wiesbaden, Germany, is the result of two European research projects: the Virtual Open Innovation Lab (VOIL) and SME BePrepared 4 Supply Chain Risks. To ensure that those projects are not only scientifically valuable but also practically useful, the Research Summer School aims at building cooperations between one or two companies to test the results in a practical surrounding.

What is VOIL?

The Virtual Open Innovation Lab is a strategic partnership of nine project partners from seven countries with the aim of promoting awareness and digital competencies for technologies, tools, and methods in the course of the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, they created a platform that provides a digital environment where SMEs, entrepreneurs, universities, students, and young professionals can develop their digital transformation skills as well as experiment with emerging technology.

What is BePrepared About?

Supply chains have become more and more connected and globalized. Data exchange has increased over the years due to ICT advancements. Even though this increased data exchange can contribute to certain benefits such as improved processes and planning it also bears several risks such as the loss of proprietary knowledge or unintended revelation of crucial business insights to other actors. Further, the increasing digital integration of supply chains bears the risk of being the focus of cyber-attacks. Both threats are major concerns of companies regardless of size. Thus, a sound understanding of risks that can occur in supply chains is an essential part of digital competencies SME professionals should have to act in confident, critical, and responsible ways. is there an otc adderall

What you should expect during the Research Summer School 2022

Two company candidates have already been announced, but one has not yet been finalized. The problem solution is to be developed in teams of students and forces of the participating SMEs and their networks. The basic framework and tools are provided by the VOIL platform and the BePrep awareness game. The latter initially identifies the existing and missing knowledge about logistics risks, also – but not only – in connection with technologies. And it tests the potential of the smart technologies in question to be not only a challenge but also part of the solution. Logistics challenges are then tackled with the VOIL platform in the style of DesignThinking. The minimum goal is an initial understanding of technology and disruption on the part of all participants and concept elements of a solution; the best case would be an initial minimum viable prototype of an attractive solution for the company challenge.

To register for the event which will take place from July 17–24, 2022, in Wiesbaden, Germany, you can use the link below:

Please note that student participants will have to pay a registration fee which will be announced on the registration website.