Intellectual Output 1

Motivation Video

The supply chain risks that SMEs face are numerous. Based on that, project partners, through the BePrepared project and through the Output “Best Practise Report & Motivation Video” will try to better understand those risks. Based on that, in order to receive a quick glance of the project and the supply chain risk that SMEs face nowadays, have a look at the motivational video here:

Risk Stories

As a first step towards this action, the consortium, proceeded to the development of a collection of 18 major supply chain risks stories for SMEs in different industries, aiming to gather insights from real-life risks.

Good Practices

Based on the supply chain risks identified, a guide with good practices has beed compiled, which provides application examples of supply chain risks from different industries and countries. Through them, experts from several leading companies were interviewed and shared their knowledge in relation to supply chain risk management and innovative practices.

Download the Good Practice Guide:

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Fact Sheet

Last but not least, all of those results, among with further details and information are included in the fact sheet that describes the supply chain risks and good practices as accessible information on our project website.

Download the Fact Sheet:

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