2nd Newsletters: BePrepared - Assisting SMEs In Supply Chain Risk Management

2nd Newsletters: BePrepared – Assisting SMEs in Supply Chain Risk Management

The increase of data exchange, ICT advances, and other emerging demands require efficient supplychain management. Threats due to digital insertions can compromise aspects pertinent to the processes, planning, proprietary knowledge, data sharing and so on. However, the raise of such concerns corresponds to all company contexts, despite the size.

Therefore, updated and profound knowledge on supply chain risks is crucial for SMEs’ professionals to safeguard their business activities. The consortium of BePrepared project is formed by 7 organizations, aiming to help SMEs in the identification and supply chain risks handling, with the delivery of a pertinent VET training.

The Erasmus+ project focuses on the SMEs due to the value they bring to the EU economies despite the constraints they encounter. Finally, the project is intended for young professionals that are entering SMEs or are interested in a venture launch.

The BePrepared Design

In this context, the BePrepared consortium has planned the following activities:

  • Identifying potential threats on supply chain, by taking into consideration the aspects of cybersecurity and good practices for supply chain management that are applicable and efficient.
  • A motivation video that highlights potential real-life supply chain risks.
  • A best practice report with informative content in different industries and countries.
  • The Be Prepared training intended to support participants and help them understand, identify, assess cooperatively and tackle emerging risks.
  • Furthermore, the “Be prepared” learning room will be a case-based teaching that will illustrate examples that may occur in the context of supply-chain network.
  • Finally, to broaden the project impact, partners will create a practical guidance intended for supply chain risk management that will supplement the project activities in a sustainable way.

Visit the project’s official website to discover more.

Best Practice Report and Motivation Video (IO1)

In the context of efficient risk management, the consortium delivered a best practice report and a motivational video. This output aims to equip SMEs to better understand and manage potential supply-chain risks. tramadol 50 mg prices

Specifically, the first stage of this output is the collection of 18 actual supply-chain risks from SMEs
coming from different industry backgrounds.

Consequently, a guide of good practices founded on real-life examples of risks was delivered. For this stage, project partners conducted interviews with various industry experts. The experts shared their wisdom on risk management and innovation practices in case of supply-chain risk events.

Moreover, the strategic partnership produced a video with motivational context that will give viewers a brief overview of BePrepared project that will also deepen their understanding on current supply chain risks.

Finally, the first intellectual output concludes with the delivery of a fact sheet that encompasses
information on supply-chain risks and good practices.

The results of risk stories, good practices, and the fact sheet are available in English; Italian; German;
Greek; and, Estonian language.

Discover more about the first intellectual output and download each of the results, here.

The Research Summer School 2022 at Wiesbaden Business School

Between July 17th and 24th, the Research Summer School 2022 will take place in Wiesbaden, Germany. During the Research Summer School, the results of the Erasmus+ projects of Virtual Open Innovation Lab (VOIL) and SME BePrepared 4 Supply Chain Risks, which will be scientifically assessed through synergies establishment with pertinent companies.

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