BePrepared Explorative Interviews: Tracing the SMEs’ Needs

In the framework of BePrepared project, the conduct of explorative interviews has begun. Following on from a successful three-day kick-off meeting, an operation initiated. This action is targeting to protect the SMEs.

BePrepared: A Project to “Protect” the SMEs

It has been proven that SMEs are a significant component of the European economy. However, digital advancements can affect the SMEs’ supply chains, both in a positive and in a negative manner. Therefore, they are in need of an approach that will provide SMEs with security. To cover the need for security, we are preparing a VET training.

This transnational “effort” is not targeting SMEs exclusively. The plan is to benefit young professional as well.

Regarding the Explorative Interviews

Ιn an effort to develop a complete VET training material that will benefit the SMEs, our partnership initiated a research. Thus, a research has begun in November 2020, and will last until mid-February of 2021. The type of research will be in the form of interviews. The aim of this thorough research is to map their weaknesses, regarding the perception of supply chain risk and the application of risk management approaches. The explorative interviews are targeting owners or managers of interested SMEs, in the partnership’s countries.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is observing and collecting the results of this ongoing, thorough research. If you are interested in updates on the subject, please visit the official website.