BePrepared Kick-Off: A Promising Meeting

BePrepared Kick-off: A Promising Meeting

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is pleased to announce that the official BePrepared kick-off meeting took place online, on October 19, 20 and 22, 2020. The three-day online meeting occurred in the framework of the European project BePrepared: SMEs: Be prepared for supply chain risks!

BePrepared: In Summary

Technology and its evolution, despite the advantages, conveys risks. SMEs are a contributing factor to the European economy; hence, a strategy to protect them is imperative. To prevent a forthcoming threat, a VET training is being elaborated. In addition, this transnational project addresses to young professionals, who are in some way involved in an SME or even a new venture. 

BePrepared Kick-off: Abiding by the COVID-19 Rules

Due to the pandemic situation, and with respect to this global challenge we are facing; meeting in person was not an option. Hence, the kick-off occurred in the form of an online meeting.

However, the three (3) virtual meetings were indicative of all partners’ willingness, and their motivation as well.

BePrepared kick-off was a promising meeting; iED’s team is look forward to the upcoming joint activities.